Write and share your experiences with others. Never underestimate your writings. It can bring hope and inspiration to many people. — Lailah Gifty Akita

To find a voice that deeply resonates with you — a voice that cleanly cuts through all others and compels you to halt in contemplation, allowing your heart and mind to process and digest each  syllable, is akin to a veil being lifted with great care.

These voices exist in the vast expanse for each and every one of us. They possess the capacity to effortlessly untangle concepts that have persistently eluded our understanding. Such voices are powerful enough to alter the course of one’s life.

In an era saturated with information, I was convinced that there was no point of adding my voice to a congested scene. Yet, gradually, a subtle shift in conviction transpired. An emergent belief, tentative and hesitant at first, began to insinuate itself into my consciousness. I began to believe that, as creatures of creativity, we all have something valuable to contribute in the crowded amphitheatre of human expression. It dawned on me that my approach to assembling the pieces of this eternal jigsaw might serve as the pivotal juncture for someone, transforming the elusive into a revelation of comprehension.

Trying to delve into the core of something undoubtedly demands traversing through a landscape of trial and error — a reality I can personally vouch for. Like many others, I’ve optimistically and faithfully adhered to countless diet variations, exercise programmes and lifestyle philosophies only to be disappointed and discouraged in the end. Our susceptibility to matters of health renders us acutely receptive, even to the most extravagant promises when delivered by seemingly authoritative voices. However, despite the myriad detours of this odyssey, I am grateful, for it is because of these diversions that I’ve been compelled to seek the truth of our existence — a truth that cradles an unrivalled sense of freedom.

In these trying times, the imperative is to toil with unprecedented vigour to disentangle ourselves from the threads of disconnection and disillusionment. Contrary to the illusion of separateness, the truth lies in our interconnectedness. A collective undercurrent weaves through all things, underpinning our existence.

The twin pillars of love and beauty are the bedrock sustaining and cultivating all that holds significance in our lives. They offer a visceral affirmation of life’s sanctity as we reach blindly towards the enigma of the metaphysical realm. They offer solace, a quiet reassurance that at the very heart of our existence, something profoundly and undeniably divine pulses unwaveringly.

We’ve confined love to mere sentiment when in fact it is the epicentre of everything. Love, in essence, is life itself.

The Rude Health Project is a result of my enthusiasm to share not only my own personal insights but also my interpretations of the insights offered by others. This journey was never meant for my sole consumption — this is something I’ve always known. Through the act of sharing, the seeds for great things are sown, and the Rude Health Project is a testament to that understanding. This website is a place for thoughts and ideas to be formulated, to be discussed, and to be shared. It is a place for others to come by, contemplate and contribute.

We are amazingly complex organisms and I hope that through our unique filters, we can explore this thing called life together and inscribe our personal reflections on the margins of the cosmic manuscript. 

I send a warm invitation to all, to sign up to the Sunday Service newsletter and to support this project if you can. The newsletter will be a concise summary of what I’m working on or excerpts of new posts along with a distillation of the thought-provoking movements going on within our creative world. These findings — all of which I feel are worth sharing — will be conducive towards achieving rude health. 

As I continue to strive to understand and aid my own well-being, I am always reminded of the wonderfully succinct quote by author Mary Shelley: “There is but one solution to the intricate riddle of life; to improve ourselves, and contribute to the happiness of others.” 

Rude health starts and ends with knowing what we truly are. Once this is understood, everything else magically falls into place.